Asia Pacific Blood Network (APBN)

APBN Disclaimer

The Asia Pacific Blood Network (“APBN”) is a not-for-profit alliance of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation blood operators in the Asia Pacific Region that provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and insights and compare operational practices for the benefit of its members.

The APBN, or any member organisation on its behalf, does not engage in lobbying any local, regional, state or national public officials.  

All information is shared with member organisations under the APBN Memorandum of Understanding and Confidentiality Agreement and is for their internal use only for purposes of knowledge, policy direction and/or decision making. The information must not be shared with any third parties outside of the APBN or be published without the permission of the member organisation that provided the information.  

All information shared by the APBN and its member organisations is provided “AS IS” without any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose. Reliance on the information is at the user’s sole risk and the APBN and its member organisations expressly disclaim any liability of any nature arising out of the use of information. All copyright and intellectual property in the information remains vested in the APBN or the member organisation that provided it, as applicable.

Note: Google translate

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